When I was little, I used to dress up in home-made lingerie by cutting up my panties. I couldn’t wait until I had a sexy womanly figure.

I really REALLY want tits to match my rockin hot ass. Got them Aug 2012!

I do not remember my first orgasm, it happened to me when I was very young.

I used to masturbate myself to orgasm regularly before I even entered elementary school. I did not realize what the sensation was, I thought I was hurting myself, rubbing until I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I have no recollection of ever being sexually molested or abused.

I developed my first website in 1996. It was a personal website on geocities.

I was a straight A student in school and a 4.0 GPA student in college.

I can write code in at least ten different programming languages.

I am submissive to my husband, but I am a master to dogs.

I orgasm in my sleep sometimes.

I love heavy metal music \m/!!!!!!!!!!

I play guitar, piano, violin, flute, clarinet, saxophone… I can get a nice tune out of pretty much any musical instrument.

I’m covered in freckles all on my arms, shoulders, back and legs.

I am extremely picky about spelling and grammar.

I want to run ultra-marathons.

I was picked on a lot in school.

I first had sex with a boy when I was 14.

I first tried booze, pot, cigarettes, and anal sex when I was 14. Yeah, he was a bad influence.

I was emancipated when I was 16 and never talked to my parents since.

I moved out west and started a new life.

In my early to mid-twenties I got fat.

In my late twenties I changed my lifestyle, quit smoking, started running and eating good.

I lived with my man for ten years before I married him.

I have severe myopia.

I have perfect teeth, perfectly straight, never wore braces, never got a cavity, all my wisdom teeth came in and fit perfectly.

I like to look at sexy people who show themselves off.

I don’t cry about movies.

I don’t like kids and I don’t want any.

I’m tiny, 5ft (152cm.) tall 120 lbs.

I bowl a 180 average.

I started coding basic on a commodore 64.

I met my husband online.

I like reggae.

I quit cigarettes after smoking half a pack every day for 12 years.

I have pet fish.

I’m not allergic to anything. I recently found out I am allergic to shellfish 🙁

I’m not a fan of team sports.

I don’t watch TV.

I work from home.

The first time I fucked (fingered) a girl was when I was 16.

I run 6 miles in under an hour 2 or 3 times a week.

I live under a rock.

I listen to music very loudly, every day.

I love single malt scotch whiskey of Islay.

I love Star Trek. Next Gen, Voyager, DS9 all awesome.

I don’t believe in God, ghosts or astrology.

I hate small talk.

I have no tattoos and don’t plan to get any, but I do like to see them on other people.

My labret is pierced. I used to have my tongue, nipples, and septum pierced.

I enjoy experimenting with all sorts of chemical drugs and natural ones.

I occasionally take off my shoes and run totally barefoot.

I like dubstep.

My favorite toy is the anal speculum.

I’m picky about quality, of everything.

I take pride in my blow job skills. I don’t know if every guy likes blow jobs like my guy, but I love to please him with my mouth.

I don’t use deodorant.

Damn, I cook good.

I grow my own garden vegetables and heirloom tomato crop every summer.

I get excited, nervous and anxious when I know people are looking at my pics or videos.

I have worked hard for everything I have.

Besides looking sexy and slutty for my man, I don’t give a shit about fashion.

I hardly leave the house or even get dressed.

I love a good horn section.

I climb mountains.

I am deeply interested in science, biology, genealogy, physics, quantum physics, astrophysics, astronomy, cosmology, etc.

I like dark beer, porters and stouts.

I fantasize about wrestling with women.

I am ambidextrous.

I can’t dance, only headbang.

I used to sing soprano 1 in choir, O Fortuna, yeah.

I’m a coffee snob, extra dry 2 shot cappuccino is my drink.

I’m not really into role playing, I like my role.

I do not own a single stuffed animal.

I think my husband makes hints that he would like to be strapped down and violated by me, I think some switching is in my future.

I’m a PC, intel i5 processor quad core, ati radeon hd 3800 series, corsair 160GB solid state HD, Has all been upgraded since, I always have the latest and fastest!

I’m too damn busy and lazy to write 100 facts.

I wear pads when I rag, I can’t stand tampons.

I used to think my skin was too sensitive and pale to ever get a tan, but after a few years of spending time outside, I got some color and became resistant to burning.

Though I have had a few serious partners with whom I have sexually explored, I had never submitted myself completely to anyone before my husband.

I don’t like to spend too much thought trying to describe it or define it, I just want to feel it and enjoy it.

I have had girlfriends and been in love with a girl, but I have never been sexually satisfied by a woman.