My First Trip to Las Vegas

Help Me Celebrate My First Trip to Las Vegas!

On June 28th, I am headed out to the Nevada desert with my cute girlfriend to live it up in Sin City for 2 weeks! You can help make my experience more memorable by becoming a member of my website. All membership proceeds will go directly to my Las Vegas trip! …read more…

100 Facts About Me

When I was little, I used to dress up in home-made lingerie by cutting up my panties. I couldn’t wait until I had a sexy womanly figure.

I really REALLY want tits to match my rockin hot ass. Got them Aug 2012!

I do not remember my first orgasm, it happened to me when I was very young.

I used to masturbate myself to orgasm regularly before I even entered elementary school. I did not realize what the sensation was, I thought I was hurting myself, rubbing until I couldn’t stand it anymore.
…read more…

In Hot Water

He got up. I squinted my eyes slightly to glance out the window, it was still dark outside so surely he wasn’t getting up yet. He walked to the bathroom. I thought he probably just had to pee but then he started to draw a bath. Then I thought about the insane night of assfucking we just had and how he must need a bath to relax and I smiled as I nodded back to sleep.

I didn’t hear him get into bed, but I woke up as he was gathering my hair into his hand, my eyes opened and I looked back at him as he tightened his grip on my hair. I gasped and he put his mouth to my ear.

“Get out of bed right now, bad girl.” He whispered. …read more…

Interview with Ana

Welcome to the first post of my website! YAY! I’m very excited about this project, or “sexperiment” as I like to call it! If any of you would like to know a little bit more about me, I took some time to answer some hot questions.

Q. What is your height/ weight/ measurements/ eye color/ hair color ?

A. 5 ft/ 120 lbs/ 36 26 36/ blue/ d brown

Q. What is your favorite position?

A. Legs behind my head, ass up!

Q. What are your favorite sexual enjoyments?

A. I like being tied up, …read more…

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