Fisted, Fucked and Facial

He doesn’t waste any time getting to loosening up my ass with the big black plug, shaking me with it and spanking my ass pink. I guess he decided the plug wasn’t big enough because he suddenly spit on my asshole and proceded to insert his hand, stretching his fingers apart inside my ass. It didn’t take too much pushing and massaging for him to get his fist in, totally past the knuckles! True anal fisting!

You’ll watch me turn red and squeal as I get my good ass punding with some choking while I stare directly at you. Dick decided to try something a little different so he started fucking my mouth and then jerked off all over my face which caused me to cum hard with my eyes rolling back and all.

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anal fisting
hard anal fucking
more moaning and noises
Ana orgasms
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Ass Pounded in Black Boots and Lipstick

I look fucking sexy in black! I get my asshole ready by using 3 fingers to loosen it up. When my little hole finally looks like it wants some cock, Dick is there to lend a big one. He gets creative with some camera handy work to show you some close-ups of my ass while he fucks it. I get ass-pounded the whole time, in all kinds of positions, he fucks me hard and steady to get my ass and titties bouncing in sexy rhythm. He pounds me hard and I release squeals and moans of pleasure and pain, until my ass starts to suck on his cock and makes it explode its cum load.

Requests Fulfilled:
black lipstick
more anal action!
more positions
hard anal
moaning/ noises
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Anal Stretching Toys and Ass Fucking

First, Dick gets my ass ready with some leather paddle spanks, but I really want to make my asshole gape! He works my tight little hole with a large black butt plug but my butthole just won’t stay open! My hole is no match for the speculum! You can look right inside when Dick maxes it out and uses his hands to spread it apart more. I wonder how much practice it will take to get my asshole to gape? It’s a personal goal! Once my asshole has had enough stretching, Dick tests it out to see if it’s still tight and it is! I get my good cock ramming and cum shower explosion!

Requests Fulfilled:
Spanking and Anal Action
Anal Play
Anal Speculum Stretching
Anal Double Fishhook
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Wiggle and Squirm Enema Play

Here’s a great way to get me warmed up for some fun and kinky anal play! We are trying out our fun new enema kit and nozzle attachments. Dick slips the plug-shaped nozzle into my ass and it’s great because it stays in without having to hold it. He used a peppermint soap and water solution and it makes me wiggle and squirm as it enters my rectum and deeper.  He fills me up until he can hear and feel the water swish around inside me. He massages my enema belly teases my body until I have to run to the bathroom!

Check back soon for the fun video we made right after that!

Requests Fulfulled:
Enema Play
Enema Belly …read more…

Hitachi Orgasm, First Official Deepthroat, Assfuck and Cum on Pussy

We finally ordered some pro lighting equipment and it makes a huge difference! Dick gets my ass warmed up some spanking while I get my clit warmed up with the hitachi. Once he gets my asshole loosened up with a butt plug it doesn’t take long for me to cum. Then I get the cock ready with some sucking and Dick jams it ALL the way down my throat at least twice, making me gag and my eyes water! He pokes my ass with his huge cock with a good rhythm until he rocks me and unloads his thick shot right on my pussy.

Requests Fulfilled
anal warm-up
Ana orgasms
more anal action
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