Welcome to the first post of my website! YAY! I’m very excited about this project, or “sexperiment” as I like to call it! If any of you would like to know a little bit more about me, I took some time to answer some hot questions.

Q. What is your height/ weight/ measurements/ eye color/ hair color ?

A. 5 ft/ 120 lbs/ 36 26 36/ blue/ d brown

Q. What is your favorite position?

A. Legs behind my head, ass up!

Q. What are your favorite sexual enjoyments?

A. I like being tied up, anus stretching, deep enemas, bondage, figging, and spanking

Q. What’s the largest object you’ve ever inserted into your butt?

A. I have an inflatable butt plug that gets pretty large.

Q. How do you keep your body in shape?

A. I run incline for about 3-4 times a week, and I pay attention to what I put in my mouth. Oh and lots of sex, sex burns calories like crazy!

Q. What do enemas feel like?

A. It definitely takes practice to get used to the sensation. I do them regularly now and have tried all sorts of fun solutions. I love the way it feels when the liquid slowly fills my insides, with different sensations for different temperatures and solutions. I hold it as long as I possibly can until I feel like I’m going to explode! Then, as it cleans you out, you fell a cold, chill, sickly feeling in your body and sometimes stomach cramps, but once you pass all the shit out, and it doesn’t take long, you feel a wave of relief and a super clean feeling.

Q. Will you take requests from random people?

A. Whether you’re a member of my website or not, I LOVE to hear everyone’s ideas for me! If it sounds interesting I’ll try to add it into my videos.

Q. How can we get contact you?

A. The best way to get my attention is on Twitter http://twitter.com/analikesit or send me an email analikesit at gmail dot com