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Balls in Ass

I start out by spreading my asshole open wide with the 3 prong speculum and stretch it out as far as it will open. I have to loosen up my tight hole for him to squeeze his balls into, so I work my fingers into my ass too. You get super close-up view of my speculum-gaped open anus with a light shining inside. By the time we get to ass-fucking, my hole is already too loose to bother, so he just pops his nuts right into my ass! Then he pops in a butt plug along with his balls to secure them in, and we have some intense anal play with the inflatable butt plug and his balls in my ass. At the end, I jerk his cock off, spraying his huge cum load all over my body and tits, with is balls still in my ass, then he pops them back out for you to see! …read more…

Anal Stretching Toys and Ass Fucking

First, Dick gets my ass ready with some leather paddle spanks, but I really want to make my asshole gape! He works my tight little hole with a large black butt plug but my butthole just won’t stay open! My hole is no match for the speculum! You can look right inside when Dick maxes it out and uses his hands to spread it apart more. I wonder how much practice it will take to get my asshole to gape? It’s a personal goal! Once my asshole has had enough stretching, Dick tests it out to see if it’s still tight and it is! I get my good cock ramming and cum shower explosion!

Requests Fulfilled:
Spanking and Anal Action
Anal Play
Anal Speculum Stretching
Anal Double Fishhook
Gaping …read more…

Ass Play, Wine Enema, Assfuck, Facial

We have some wet and wild ass play for you in this one! I pour myself a glass of sauv and he pours it in my ass! I get some nice hard spanks, pussy pump, then the 3-prong anal speculum, and he pours the glass of wine right into my forced-open asshole. He fingers my ass until it all falls out, then he molests my anus with the large pink dildo and gets me worked up with the hitachi before slipping in his cock. I take the hitachi and hold it to my clit so he can concentrate on fucking my ass. He fucks my ass good and pulls my hair and chokes me until I cum so hard I’m dripping with sweat. Then he rams my ass some more until I beg for him to cum, then I get a quadruple squirter waterfall cum shower directly into the back of my throat, and eye, and all over my face!

Requests Fulfilled:
Ass Play
Wine Enema
More Spanking and Anal
Harder Spanking …read more…

Anal Stretching and Spanking


Some seriously erotic anal play in this video. I get some anus stretching with an anal speculum and whippings with a belt to make my pretty ass a nice cherry red and sore. …read more…

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