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Wiggle and Squirm Enema Play

Here’s a great way to get me warmed up for some fun and kinky anal play! We are trying out our fun new enema kit and nozzle attachments. Dick slips the plug-shaped nozzle into my ass and it’s great because it stays in without having to hold it. He used a peppermint soap and water solution and it makes me wiggle and squirm as it enters my rectum and deeper.  He fills me up until he can hear and feel the water swish around inside me. He massages my enema belly teases my body until I have to run to the bathroom!

Check back soon for the fun video we made right after that!

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Enema Play
Enema Belly …read more…

Hardcore Anal Sex While Holding Enema

I hope you pervs want to see some kinky nasty fun! I fill my rectum with a half a red enema bag of water and watch my belly swell up as I feel full. I hold it in while Dick dips his cock in the warm water inside my ass. He has a fun time yanking out his cock and watching the water squirt out. He fills me up with the rest of the water then really starts fucking me hard. He pulls my pigtails and pounds my asshole until his cock is ready to explode cum all over my face.

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Anal sex while holding enema
Something different with hair
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Ass Play, Wine Enema, Assfuck, Facial

We have some wet and wild ass play for you in this one! I pour myself a glass of sauv and he pours it in my ass! I get some nice hard spanks, pussy pump, then the 3-prong anal speculum, and he pours the glass of wine right into my forced-open asshole. He fingers my ass until it all falls out, then he molests my anus with the large pink dildo and gets me worked up with the hitachi before slipping in his cock. I take the hitachi and hold it to my clit so he can concentrate on fucking my ass. He fucks my ass good and pulls my hair and chokes me until I cum so hard I’m dripping with sweat. Then he rams my ass some more until I beg for him to cum, then I get a quadruple squirter waterfall cum shower directly into the back of my throat, and eye, and all over my face!

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Ass Play
Wine Enema
More Spanking and Anal
Harder Spanking …read more…

Super Ass Cleansing

I’m so fucking nasty and dirty, here’s me giving myself a good ass washing. I love getting an enema with the feeling of warm water filling me up until I can’t hold it. I love the super clean feeling after my colon is completely emptied. Watch me squirting water right back out of my ass and almost hitting the camera! …read more…

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