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Pump Up My Butt

I want to show off to you just how big this inflatable butt plug can get, because I can pump it up fully while it’s in my ass. This plug inflates to a bigger size than any of my other toys! I carefully work the plug into my butt hole and pump it up as big as I can, then I show you a close-up of my asshole as I try to push the huge inflated plug out! When I release the valve you can hear how much air was pumped in!

Once my ass is nice and loosened, I get a big cock to fill it up. I get a good hard ass-fuck with some choking and several positions for you to see. When the cock is ready to explode, I jerk it off to spray his hot cum all over my body.
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Balls in Ass

I start out by spreading my asshole open wide with the 3 prong speculum and stretch it out as far as it will open. I have to loosen up my tight hole for him to squeeze his balls into, so I work my fingers into my ass too. You get super close-up view of my speculum-gaped open anus with a light shining inside. By the time we get to ass-fucking, my hole is already too loose to bother, so he just pops his nuts right into my ass! Then he pops in a butt plug along with his balls to secure them in, and we have some intense anal play with the inflatable butt plug and his balls in my ass. At the end, I jerk his cock off, spraying his huge cum load all over my body and tits, with is balls still in my ass, then he pops them back out for you to see! …read more…

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